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C"TContacthe Original Mustangs"


"The Original Mustangs"

The Mustangs 1964

        The Mustangs at the Peppermint Lounge, Box Hill in 1964           

 Mike & Lindsay in 1964 


Update - Mike & Lindsay in 2010

Linda Cook

 Linda Cook (alias Lyn Baxter)

Libby Gaynor

Libby doing what she does best


"Mr. Cool" - Neil Onans

Lindsay in Studio

Lindsay at work in the studio

"The Original Mustangs" - 2010

"The Original Mustangs" at Langwarrin Hotel, Sept, 2010

"The Original Mustangs"  March 2011

                        "The Original Mustangs" at The Atrium, Safety Beach       

"The Original Mustangs" at Beaches
Linda Cook of "The Original Mustangs"

Lindsay trying out some new sounds on the "Kurz"
Mike getting into the atmosphere - or was it the Heinekin ?
Young Terry Buscombe still rockin' somewhere north of 40 !
Neil's in the mood !
Two old "Mustangs" still at it more than 40 years on 
Libby in the Studio - May 2011
"The Original Mustangs" - 2011
Dancing the night away with "The Original Mustangs" at The Atrium
Libby & Linda displaying their unique vocal harmonies
Lindsay & Mike, still rockin' after almost 50 years
"The Original Mustangs" 2012
Dancing the night away to the music of "The Original Mustangs"
"The Original Mustangs" two divas - serious at work !
"The Original Mustangs" 2012
A real original "Mustang" Mike Beaver on Rhythm Guitar



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