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"The Original Mustangs"


(updated 04/01/2019)

Welcome to 2019, as
"The Original Mustangs" announce their first gig of the new year on Friday, 25th January at Pirates Tavern in Williamstown. This is unique and atmospheric venue right on the Williamstown waterfront. Entry is Free of Charge and there is a large dance floor, so it should be a great night of fun and dancing to kick off the Australia Day  weekend.

Click here for video of 
"The Original Mustangs" at Pirates Tavern     

Pirates Tavern

Lindsay & the boys kicking off a gig at Pirates Tavern with an instrumental 

During a quiet year for "The Original Mustangs", most of the members enjoyed some time overseas, while Linda and Lindsay got together in their studio and finished off some recordings of material, much of which they have performed many times with the band. Several of their songs have been played throughout the year on RPP FM during Bruce Stewart's show on Monday afternoons, which features some of the great classics of the past. Some of the music that they have recorded is featured on the music page of the website here and also on the band's Facebook page here.

The gigs, being spaced throughout the year, were all extremely fulfilling for the band with excellent crowds enjoying the music and dancing at the various venues at which it played. Lindsay has commented many times on how supportive the crowds have been over the number of years since the band re-formed in 2006. He said "we started off with a group of guys that had played together in the past getting together once again every second Friday evening to enjoy each other's company over a barbecue followed by a jam session. At no stage did we expect to get back to gigging and were totally surprised when we were contacted by several venues, as well as a couple of private individuals asking whether we would be available for their venues or functions as the case may have been. We were pleased to oblige and after performing a handful of gigs in the early stages, found that there was a demand for a band that played good old Rock 'n' Roll and Rhythm and Blues with a difference. We had all played jazz, blues and funk during our musical careers and we tried to incorporate some of each of those genres into our style of music and it seemed to work quite well. Libby's addition to the band was great and her vocal work in combination with Linda was really something, with the vocal blend between the two being quite special. But the aspect that has made it worthwhile for us to spend the time rehearsing and setting up a truck load of gear for our gigs has been the wonderful support that we have received from a lovely group of people, many whom have become friends of the members over the period."

It is at this time of year that Lindsay's words are most apt and on behalf of all band members, we take this opportunity to wish every one of those people who have followed the band in one way or another a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, while saying "thank you sincerely for your support".

A Message from Lindsay : 

At this time, may we take the opportunity of thanking all of those who have supported us over the past eight years, since the re-formation of the band. Certainly most of us did not expect to be playing the music from our early years at the stage of life we are now at and each and every one of you have assisted in making that possible. In my own case, I was fortunate enough to play live music regularly for more than thirty years of my life, playing many different styles and genres over the period. Approaching fifty I concluded that I was too old to be playing Rock ‘n’ Roll, so hung up my boots so to speak. What a pleasant surprise at age sixty-four, after putting together a Friday night jam session with some of the fine musicians with whom I had worked over the years to find that the music we started off playing so many years ago was still acceptable to a large number of  people and that venues felt it warranted to book our band with some regularity over the next eight years. To those venues I also say “thank you so much for the opportunity”.

From myself personally, to each of the members that have been involved in the band over the past eight years my sincerest thanks for putting up with my finicky ways and fitting in so well as to make the journey an absolute ball for myself and hopefully each and every other member. 

In conclusion, I just want to let you all know that the band is continuing, however with less frequent gigs than has been the case until this time. Nevertheless, we will keep you posted. 



         ABOUT LINDA :     
                                            Linda & Lindsay with "Concept"
                                                         Eltham Barrel 1987
                                                            Linda today

For those unaware, Linda was a very popular young vocalist back in the 60’s known then as Lyn Baxter, not her maiden name, but one chosen by herself and her manager at that time. As a new arrival from England, she was promoted along similar lines to many of the top female vocalists of that time, such as Olivia Newton John, Pat Carroll, Lynne Randell, etc., and developed a reputation for the similarity of her singing style to that of Connie Francis, as well as performing songs by the emerging British performers such as Dusty Springfield, Sandy Shaw and Cilla Black. She was regularly featured with ”The Mustangs” as a guest artist at the Peppermint Lounge in Box Hill, as well as other top venues around Melbourne and became a regular at the popular Springvale Town Hall dance at which she performed every Saturday night for some time. 

She was first introduced to Lindsay at the Peppermint Lounge and they later became an item, before marrying and producing three fine children. Their son Aaron has been a fully professional musician for almost twenty-five years and lead guitarist/vocalist for one of Melbourne’s top covers bands “The Flaming Moes”, with which he still performs. 

Linda returned to singing from motherhood duties in the mid-eighties joining Lindsay’s band “Concept”, which performed regularly at many top venues and restaurants, including the coveted “Eltham Barrel”, which met with a rather disastrous end, when it burned to the ground after being taken over by a top VFL footballer. 

These days Linda has re-visited her roots, resurrecting many of the songs that made her popular back in the 60’s and receives regular compliments  for her renditions of Connie Francis and Brenda Lee favourites, as well as performing many of  the classic Rock ‘n’ Roll and R&B hits of the period by artists as diverse as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Jackie Wilson, Martha and The Vandellas, Diana Ross & The Supremes, The Manhattan Transfer, Sugar Pie Desanto, etc.     

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