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Lindsay's ramblings


I drove my brand new Volkswagon Beetle (what else) to Festival Hall that day in driving rain. I was driving along Mont Albert Road in Surrey Hills as I recall, when a car stopped in from of me to make a right hand turn. Being inexperienced I hit the brakes hard and of course the wheels locked. The friend with me, Lindsay Thomas shouted “pump the brakes, pump the brakes” but my only thought in response was “what the hell do I want to pump the bloody brakes for – all I want to do is stop”. We didn’t and my brand new VW didn’t look brand new any more. That is my foremost recollection of that fateful day. However fortunately it did not totally diminish my enjoyment and the memory of that concert. I recall thinking afterwards “how the hell are we ever going to be as good as them”. The sound inside Festival Hall was atrocious and with the amount of screaming of the fans that was going on it was difficult to hear everything, but what we saw and heard was a class act – a once in a lifetime experience.





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